Welcome to Casa Paraiba

Welcome to Casa Paraiba

We're here to help you feel at home in Paraiba with a range of services for both Brazilian and foreign visitors to this tropical paradise.
Hand picked properties to buy or rent in Paraiba, plus interpretation, translation, car hire, visa help and property management.

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Property in Paraiba

Property rental and real estate services in Paraiba, a tropical beach fringed paradise and probably Brazil’s best-kept secret.

Life up here on the country’s north east coast is idyllic to say the least. A ten month summer, gentle off-shore breezes and Paraiba’s languid pace of life is enough to convince most fist time visitors to linger or return.

Paraiba is the place many Brazilians, from Sao Paulo, Rio and Brasilia dream of living, but it’s still well under the radar of most international buyers and tourists. That still means real estate in Paraiba offers incredible value and there are many wonderful holiday homes available to rent here at very reasonable prices.

North east Brazil is fast becoming a global holiday hotspot, and property in Paraiba, famous for its world class beaches and unspoilt landscape, is developing a growing reputation as an ideal spot to holiday, relocate, buy that beach house in the sun you always promised yourself, or even retire in Brazil.

While we’re not a regular real estate company, we have helped many foreigners (and Brazilians) buy land, apartments and houses in Paraiba. But rather than hard sell properties we have no connection with, we prefer simply helping sellers find potential buyers through the site.

• So please don’t expect to be chauffeur driven, wined and dined by us.

On the other hand, if you’re serious about buying property here, we can help in a couple of ways. First, we advertise a few choice properties here on the site, and second we’ll be happy to build a portfolio of potential houses, apartments and land for sale that suit your requirements and/or your budget.

And if you need help with paperwork, negotiating, Brazilian bureaucracy or simply making sure everything’s legal we can advise you on that too.

Other services we offer include property management, car hire, translation and interpretation, airport pick up or drop off and visa advice.

You can contact us on any of the numbers on this page, or drop us an email here. We’ll have an answer back to you with 24 hours.