Map of Joao Pessoa

Joao Pessoa Map

Stay in any hotel in the city and you’ll probably be handed this fold out map of Joao Pessoa. Unfortunately, the comapny who produce it don’t have a website, but we’ve reproduced their map here. (Click the image to see it full sized)

While it’s not to scale and is by no means comprehensive, it does show the city’s main attractions, beaches and public buildings.

Map of joao pessoa

Click on this map of Joao Pessoa to view it full sized.

Joao pessoa mapThis is a map of Joao Pessoa The local authorities in Joao Pessoa also provide an excellent and detailed map of Joao Pessoa, which they update reguarly. (Click here to view the official map of Joao Pessoa on their website)

This second map of Joao Pessoa shows the city by suburb, or barro, and is useful if you’re moving around the city, especially if you plan to use public transport.

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