The Hardest Part of Buying Property in Joao Pessoa?

Buying property in Joao Pessoa is nowhere near as difficult as it was when I arrived around 5 years ago, you just have to find it!

apartment for sale in joao pessoa

Joao Pessoa. Thoroughly modern city living

My first transfer of cash, for a house in Paraiba, took almost 4 weeks and the paperwork, handled by a supposed expert in the Joao Pessoa property scene, took almost 6 months (plus a small fortune in mobile phone charges), to finally arrive through my door.

Back then buying property in Joao Pessoa and beyond was treated with plenty of caution, with investors rarely looking past the city itself.

In Paraiba’s coastal villages foreign buyers were even rarer. I think it’s fair to say that skipping an apartment in Joao Pessoa in favour of a small fisherman’s cottage on the beach, in the charming village of Lucena just north of the city, was one of the best moves I ever made, but the process involved in actually buying it was exhausting.

Fast forward to 2010 and things couldn’t be more different. Joao Pessoa is thriving state capital with a booming middle class eager for new property. In Paraiba that usually means apartments in Joao Pessoa’s chic beachfront suburbs.

And the boom is extending out along the city’s coastline, with continued development stretching from Cabo Branco in the south to Cabedelo, the city’s northern most beach.

New apartments in Joao Pessoa continue to offer great value and superb facilities in a cosmopolitan setting, right by the ocean.

More importantly, apartments in Joao Pessoa offer a standard of living that would be hard to match in most American or European cities, and certainly not at the prices you can buy for at the moment. Inevitably they’re on the rise, although cheap properties in Joao Pessoa are still available, but the best way to find them can be tiring.

Because despite the presence of some excellent companies working with real estate in Joao Pessoa (and of course Casa Paraiba is right up there with the very best of them) most people who sell property in Paraiba still prefer a more basic approach.

You guessed it. That means the most popular way to advertise a house or apartment in Joao Pessoa is to put a sign in your window. No newspaper classifieds, no internet ads and no real estate agent. In Pariba all most people use is a phone number in the window.

And that can make finding the right house or apartment in Joao Pessoa a hot sweaty slog. But here at Casa Paraiba we have the solution to all your worries, with a new service we call the Paraiba Property Finder.

Simply pop in a few details about your ideal property (as much or as little as you want depending on what you’re looking for) and let us do the searching for you.

Our Paraiba Property Finder service is perfect if you’re not in Brazil yourself, but you want access to every possible option before you buy. Real estate in Paraiba is spread far and wide, but with our access to information on the ground here, including local newspapers, word of mouth and our extensive real estate contacts across the state, we can do our best to match you with properties matching your requirements.

The Paraiba Property Finder is just one of the innovative new services provided by Casa Paraiba.

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